OpenAI, Jony Ive, and SoftBank Partner on AI Consumer Device

OpenAI, Jony Ive, and SoftBank Partner on AI Consumer Device

Sydney BloomSydney Bloom
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The scoop on this futuristic collab

OpenAI, Jony Ive's design outfit LoveFrom, and SoftBank are joining forces to cook up a new gadget powered by artificial intelligence. Their goal is to whip up an intuitive AI gizmo that feels like a natural extension of you, kinda like how the iPhone touchscreen felt like magic when it dropped.

The brains behind the operation

This alliance brings together OpenAI head honcho Sam Altman, legendary Apple designer Jony Ive rockin' his new LoveFrom gig, and SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son. Ive and Altman have been chit-chatting over some far-out concept ideas.

The current sitch

This project is still in the early brainstorming and planning phases. No solid deets on the actual product have droppped yet. It'll likely be months before any official plans getrolled out.

The user experience they're aiming for

The goal is to enable convos that feel smooth and immersive when interfacing with the AI. The user experience would feel intuitive and natural, not like typing text prompts which can feel so 2017. This device aims to bring AI into your life in a whole new form beyond just screens.

How much coin is in play so far?

SoftBank and its CEO Masayoshi Son have offered over $1 billion in seed money to get this party started. That provides some serious dough to bake this concept into reality.

The tech that will bring this vision to life

The device will tap into OpenAI's rad AI systems like ChatGPT. It may also harness processor technology from SoftBank's Arm Holdings, which rocks the chip design scene.

What could slow this train down?

Key challenges include: designing hardware that sparks joy, engineering a seamless user experience, packing robust AI capabilities under the hood, and convincing peeps this kind of AI device is worth it and outshines what already exists.

When can we expect this futuristic tech to drop?

While the project is still fresh, the goal is likely to formally hatch this concept within several months. However, actual product design and launch could still be years out as they work out all the kinks.