OMG, Midjourney's Making Videos Now??

OMG, Midjourney's Making Videos Now??

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Get this: the leading AI art squad Midjourney just announced they're moving into making freaking videos! Whaaaat? 😱 Building on their kickbutt image engine, they wanna cook up a fancy "text-to-video" blender within months. I'm already shook! 🤯

How Midjourney Makes Images

First, gotta spill the tea on how their image-making magic works. They use this brainiac technique called GANs (generative adversarial networks) that starts with random noise. Then it keeps cooking that noise until it becomes a sweet final image. Trippy!

We can peek at the whole process in these rad rendering videos[1][2][3]. We start with abstract blobsters and watch the details get crisper until a full scene emerges. It's like a baby image growing up too fast! 😆

Recent Upgrades = Ready for Vids

So get this: In December, Midjourney dropped this big V6 update that made their images look super realistic. We're talking wild details, improved anime/manga results, the whole shebang!

While some peeps felt it was almost too real, it shows Midjourney is down to clown when it comes to pushing limits. And with that boost in image quality, seems like they’re ready to slay some video challenges next! 💪

What Will the Videos Be Like?

They’re still brewing up this new video caldron, so we don’t know exactly what it’ll whip up yet. But looking at Midjourney’s past moves gives us hints!

Rather than chasing clout for having the fastest, biggest model like some companies cough cough, they keep the human experience central. They wanna empower us creators, not just win nerdy benchmarks.

I’m betting they’ll bring that same spirit into video too! Sure, the length or speed stats might not beat others, but that’s not what Midjourney is about. They’ll cook up something to spark our imagination and help us tell stories. And that's what really matters! 💖

Vids Could Change Whole Industries!

When Midjourney drops their new video mixer onto the scene, some crazy stuff could go down across industries!

More affordable, customized video content will shake things up. Startups and indie creators, get hype! We'll suddenly unlock effects and scenes that once only big shots could pay for. Advertisers and entertainment execs better wake up and notice! 🔥

But we gotta stay woke about downsides too. As quality improves, problems like stealing others' art or work could get ugly. And automation threatens many creative careers already on the edge.

Either way, Midjourney's big move into videos will be a spicy milestone! With their groovy focus on user experience over fast metrics, it’ll keep forcing us to ask: how far should AI go in helping imagination? And that’s a rad question. 🤔