Google's Hip New AI Chatbot Bard Gets An Upgrade

Google's Hip New AI Chatbot Bard Gets An Upgrade

Sydney BloomSydney Bloom
4 mins

What apps is our favorite robot buddy crashing these days?

Google's giving their new AI chatbot Bard an all-access pass to some of their most poppin' apps like Gmail, Drive, and YouTube. Pretty soon this clever bot will be all up in Google's biz helping us humans out!

Having Bard slide into more apps lets Google really bake their futuristic AI tech straight into their top products. This could give them a leg up on other AI peeps trying to level up in the chatbot game!

Why's Google letting Bard loose so soon?

Google's opening Bard's cage early to play with other AI pets like Microsoft's new Bing bot. AI chatbots are trending hard right now! Google wants to be at the front of the pack as this tech starts going mainstream.

Giving Bard more apps to play in now helps Google juice up Bard faster with real feedback from users like you and me! More chances for peeps to engage speeds up the lil' bot's growth compared to just chillin' in Search. This integration helps Google plant their flag at the dawn of what could be an AI revolution!

How will Bard actually help make apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Drive more awesome?

Bard has potential to be like an AI-powered buddy that makes Google apps more user-friendly. For example, it could auto-generate emails and replies in Gmail if you tell it what you wanna say. Bard could also summarize videos or docs using its natural language skills.

As an intelligent assistant, Bard can handle plain English commands to complete tasks within apps. Having Bard deeply integrated across Google's apps could enable super smooth experiences as we bounce around different tools.

What's Google doing to make Bard less sketchy?

A big new upgrade Bard got is a "Google it" button so users can fact check its responses against other sources. This allows peeps to sniff out if Bard is spewing bologna, which is crucial since AI can sometimes spit out false info!

The "Google it" button shows if Bard's answers are legit or if the bot is just winging it. This gives us more control over verifying accuracy. Overall, it aims to make Bard's answers more trustworthy.

How's Bard blowing up compared to sassy AI peers like ChatGPT?

Early hype shows Bard is catching fire with peeps just like ChatGPT did. Both bots scored about 200 million website visits back in August 2022, meaning tons of humans are jazzed about these AI chatbot pals! But Bard's still just a baby bot finding its feet.

As Bard spreads across Google's apps, nailing its development will be key to keeping users confident and managing adoption. Google will need to focus on boosting accuracy, tackling unfair biases, and transparency as Bard continues to grow.

What are the biggest worries about Bard that Google needs to address?

Major risks are Bard sharing bad info without checking facts, violating privacy by hoovering up data, and reflecting biased views that hurt certain groups. Bard's still learning!

As Bard's reach expands, Google needs ethical guardrails baked in to avoid problems. Continued tuning to strengthen accuracy, evaluate bias, and boost transparency will be essential as adoption accelerates. Strict privacy rules and content peeking are also critical.

What's the future look like for Bard as Google supersizes its skills?

Bard signals Google is going all in on AI as the next wave of search. Putting Bard into core apps suggests Google wants the bot to become a ubiquitous AI buddy across its products.

If developed responsibly, Bard could evolve into a super helpful AI interface for searching and using info across Google's apps. But Google must stay proactive in tackling risks around misinfo, bias, privacy and transparency as Bard scales up.